Rent-To-Own Portable Buildings & Used Vehicles!

At Graceland of Fort Smith and Rice Auto Sales Inc. we are proud to service our clients throughout the Fort Smith area to help you find the best deals on cars and buildings for your home or business.

Located in close proximity, both Rice Auto Sales Inc. and Graceland of Fort Smith are owned and operated by Tom Rice who's been in the auto industry for over 30 years. As a newfound carrier of Graceland Portable buildings, he stands behind Graceland's philosophy of providing clients with the highest quality building structures around! His inventory includes a unique selection of Graceland sheds, cabins, barns and more!

So why choose Graceland buildings? Simple. Quality and affordability. Our buildings feature exceptional materials with craftsmanship that is unmatched anywhere else. And best of all, for a price you can afford! Plus, we also carry carports by Texwin!

Graceland Of Fort Smith

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Rice Auto Sales Inc.

Looking for a nice, used vehicle for a price you can afford? Then check out Rice Used Auto Sales Inc.